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Addie’s Ascent

I realized I was awake and in a state of absolute awareness after many years of living in the unconscious, aimlessly wandering while taking much, wanting more, giving little, and blaming others and the spirits for their injustices. My selfish care became apparent while the sacrificial care of the vain also came into perspective.

The allusiveness of justice, existence, creativity, and life’s mysteries became words stamped upon my heart. I yearned to discover what these terms meant, as I could see vividly, yet not feel, the words branded and glowing like hot iron on my heart’s surface. Does this branding suggest that someone owns me? Am I a bovine to be prodded by the rancher, or a slave, property of some inhospitable transhuman monster? As the thoughts awakened my brain into consciousness, my heart rate and blood pressure increased rapidly, like in an inescapable, infinitely looping childhood nightmare.

Unable to escape this dream and in a state of panic, I was put at ease when the Spirit said, “It is me. Know that I Am here, and I purposefully branded those words on your heart. I have chosen you, Adamantas, from the beginning of time, and I have pulled you from the chaff where you lived. You have a purpose here, and I want to show you what that is.”


by C.W. Young



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